Lorna, London

I have been practising pilates for some years and by far, Sylwia, is the most experienced and helpful teacher I have worked with. I am 71 and have the usual signs of 'wear and tear' so the rehabilitative aspect of her work has strengthened my weak spots and increased a sense of strength and well-being.

Katie, Putney

I have been attending Sylwia's pilates rehab classes for almost a year now and cannot believe the improvement in my previously very painful back condition (a bulging disc). Basic bends and movements that I could barely manage when I started are now easy. Sylwia's very precise and professional approach puts technique at the heart of every movement, making these classes better than any other pilates classes I have done. Together with Sylwia's warm nature and great sense of humour makes for a really excellent hour of exercise every week and something I really look forward to. I highly recommend Sylwia's classes and approach. 

Karen, Department of Health and Social Care, London

I have been attending a weekly class with Sylwia for over a year and would highly recommend her as a Pilates teacher - I think Sylwia plans her classes very well, with attention to mobilising and strengthening every part of the body. I always feel lighter and less stiff afterwards. My core is much stronger than when I started. Sylwia gives clear instructions and individual attention where needed and adapts each exercise to fit all abilities. A great teacher!

Martin, London

Sylwia Forys is the best Pilates teacher I have ever met. If you get an opportunity to work with her – grab it.

Sarah, London

I joined Sylwia’s class during my 13th week of pregnancy and went every week up until my 39th week. The classes were fantastic - well structured, varied and suitable for any stage of pregnancy. I believe that the classes, and Sylwia’s guidance, helped me stay free from back pain and other niggles throughout my pregnancy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking to stay active during pregnancy.

Millie, London

I attended 10 of Sylwia's antenatal pilates classes. They completely helped me to relax and open up all parts of my body, and I felt so refreshed following the sessions. Sylwia was a wonderful teacher - very friendly and personal. I thoroughly recommend her classes.

Sangeeta, London

I first contacted Sylwia Forys for physiotherapy treatment due to a knee injury.   As part of the rehabilitation, I began to take one to one pilates reformer classes with Sylwia once a week. Over the past three months, I am already recouping the benefits through a mix of exercises that are strengthening my knee and also reducing the neck and back tension that I also suffer from. 

Sylwia is very person-centred in her approach ensuring that the exercises are tailored to my particular requirements. She takes the time to explain the principle of pilates and the objectives of each exercise. Sylwia is constantly observing to ensure that the exercises are carried out correctly and making recommendations so as to improve the performance. I am definitely benefiting from a comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation regime and would not hesitate to recommend Sylwia for either physio treatment or pilates lessons.

Thomas, London

I have been attending Sylwia's Pilates classes for about a year. Having tried other classes in the Ealing area, in my view, Sylwia is by far the best teacher. The classes are always varied from week to week so you don't yet bored. In addition Sylwia is very good at judging the experience and of motivation of the attendees and adjusting the level of exercises accordingly. The classes are never too large so you are always be assured of getting personal support and advice.

Colleen, London

Sylwia runs regular matwork pilates classes in Ealing. She is a very enthusiastic teacher and pays close attention to every student. As Sylwia is also a trained physiotherapist, I feel I am in safe hands when trying new exercises. Her teaching methods have helped me to strengthen my core, improve my posture and therefore feel less tired in an active job. Sylwia plans her lessons, looking to improve and progress every student within the group. This keeps her classes varied and exciting and I look forward to it every week.

Paul, London

Great Pilates classes in a convenient location only a short walk from Ealing Broadway. Sylwia is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher who has an eye for detail. Small numbers give a personalised feeling to the classes. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in Pilates both beginners and those with experience.

Robyn, London

I started going to Sylwia's antenatal pilates when I was 18 weeks pregnant. The class was amazing, with small class numbers you feel like you get a lot more out of the session and Sylwia is a fantastic and patient instructor, who really tailors the classes to your needs. I kept going until 36 weeks and have now returned post-natally. I can't recommend it enough!!

Jonathan, London

Sylwia is a talented and experienced pilates teacher. She ensures that every class is stimulating, varied and enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Stephen, London

Sylwia makes minor corrections which have big results! This attention to detail is complemented by a range of exercises that means every class is a positive challenge. Share your goals and Sylwia will work with you so that you can make them happen.

Gill, London

Sylwia is a great teacher. I have been doing Pilates for many years and really enjoy her classes. Her enthusiasm and energy is infectious and she makes each class fun. The classes are quite small which allows Sylwia to provide individual attention and correction.

Bojana, London

An absolutely amazing physio. Before seeing Sylwia I had a wrist injury for a year - the pain was increasing, my range of movement was dwindling, and I could do less and less. I could feel and see the improvement after the first session, and three sessions in I am almost back to where I was before the injury. Sylwia helped me understand the root cause of the problem and she is super-kind and attentive.

Lyn, London

I first met Sylwia when she stood in for our regular teacher & was immediately impressed by her style of teaching, the variety of exercises & her care. She is a true professional and very passionate about Pilates. The class sizes are small allowing her to help, guide & encourage us to go beyond our comfort zone. No two classes are the same, keeping us interested & focused. If she sees you struggling she’ll help to correct you, sometimes suggesting alternatives, you are never left feeling inadequate. I’ve certainly improved my core strength & posture & really enjoy her weekly sessions.
As a qualified Physiotherapist Sylwia brings an added reassurance that the exercises are well thought out & suitable for us all. I highly recommend her.

Johanna, London

Sylwia is an amazing teacher who really enjoys what she is doing and always takes the time to prepare for each class with different exercises. She helped me a lot to recover after my spine surgery, in just a few months I was feeling stronger and healthier than ever before. I highly recommend her classes.

Aurélie, London

I attended Sylwia's antenatal Pilates classes and really enjoyed them! They were carefully prepared, friendly and great for pregnant bodies. Sylwia is very attentive with her students and she is also great at communicating. Thank you!

Stephen, London

Started the class with one body and finished with a new one. Sylwia combines exercises in such a way that you are encouraged to push your boundaries.

Suzanne, London

Sylwia is friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to, with a wealth of knowledge and advice. She listened carefully to my history and problems. As well as treating me, she recommended a few simple, easy to do exercises which have transformed my life after years of back problems. I highly recommend her.